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IGROW – Low Level Laser Hair Therapy for hair loss


laser01There is a clinical evidence that most of the men who are prone for hair loss could benefit from undergoing laser treatments for their hair loss. To make treatment easier and more appealing to men, new home used device called I grow is designed and made very efficient. It is a fascinating technology that stimulates hair growth and prevent future hair loss.


With a consistent use of I grow, better appearance and hair density can be expected after 3 – 4 months of its use.


For best effect, I Grow should be used 3 times a week. This therapy is the most efficient both in men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium.









Efficacy of the treatment


Hair loss is most often due to the genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia. With time, this condition affects hair follicles and cause hair miniaturization and lastly leads to hair loss.


Non-invasive laser treatment (Low-Level Laser Therapy) at the length of 655nm can help hair follicles to regain there energy and therefore stimulate hair growth resulting in thicker and healthier hair shafts.




Overall effects of the therapy are:


  • It enhance cellular viability:
  • Stops cellular apoptosis;
  • Decreases inflammation:
  • Prolongs anagen (active) phase of hair growth;
  • Decreases telogen (passive) phase of hair growth;
  • Enhance hair strength
  • Stops miniaturization of hair follicles and decreases hair loss.





Safe and efficient. I grow is a revolutionary device for stimulating hair growth to be used at home that enables that entire scalp is evenly covered therefore laser beams are distributed evenly throughout the scalp. It is easy to use, light and it does not require any special setting.


It is adjustable to any head shape, very confortable, and doubled laser and LED beams could be more directed to the zone of greater hair loss. Headset can be used too so during the treatment you can listen to music, watch TV or play video games. Since it is made for home use, it is very confortable because patient determines when he is going to undergo treatments with no visits to doctor’s office. The most important thing is – it is a safe device, FDA approved and there are no adverse effects of this therapy.





Prior to deciding on this type of treatment, it is mandatory that doctor evaluates your hair in order to determine the cause of your hair loss and to make sure that I Grow would be efficient therapy. Furthermore, it is desirable to keep your doctor informed during your treatment about results and to respect determined follow up consults.





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