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shampooVery often, patients ask about the best shampoo they might use. A lot of them are using shampoos for kids with an idea that they are milder and that they make less damage to hair. The truth is that kids shampoos are made to fit kids skin rather than the skin of the adults so there is very little truth in preventing hair loss with this type of a shampoo.
After hair restoration, every patient will get special shampoo to treat their hair in the following days. For every day use, there is a number of shampoos that you might be using and the best thing to do is to advise with your doctor.


Excellent line of shampoos and comes from our country Serbia , and the fact that these shampoos are sold beyond the borders of our country are in favor of their quality. It is the Marbo product line for hair loss containing the following products:


  • Marbo Shampoo for daily hair wash;
  • Marbo Lotion for intense hair loss :
  • Marbo Activator- for the treatment of alopecia areata and totalis alopecia .




Making these preparations has a long family tradition that has helped many people . All ingredients are on completely natural basis without any arteficial additives. They are excellent for the prevention and treatment of hair loss .




We also advise on using Alpecin shampoos relying on the positive feedback from our patients and having trust in german technology. For men, there is a line of shampoos for hair loss, while in women there are also capsules that prevent hair loss.


Alpecin collection of shampoos includes:


  • Alpecin A1 shampoo for normal and dry hair
  • Alpecin A2 shampoo for oily skin
  • Alpecin A3 antidandruff shampoo
  • Alpecin S1 shampoo for sensitive skin
  • Alpecin Double Effect shampoo – against dandruff and hair loss
  • Alpecin C1 shampoo – shampoo for stimulating hair growth in its roots


Caffeine bloks negative effect of testosterone and is making the hair root stronger. Active phase of hair growth is becoming longer. Active ingredients, salicylic acid and octanopirix are ideal combination to treat dandruff- they gently remove dandruff, have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic effect.


Alpecin After Shampoo Liquid – lotion for all hair types


It maintains hair root active and prolongs active (anagen) phase of hair growth. Apart from caffeine, it contains panthenol, zinc, vitamin E and menthol.




Collection for women contains shampoos that improve quality of the hair and prevent hair loss.


  • Plantur 21 – Shampoo for poor hair growth in younger women
  • Plantur 39 – for damaged and dyed hair
  • Plantur 39 – for thin and weak hair
  • Plantur 39 –tonic with caffeine
  • Plantur 39 Hair Active capsules – contain vitamins, minerals and grape seed that contributes to better supply of hair root with these elements. Capsules are recommended in persistent hair loss.






Advice from a hair stylist

savet-frizeraI am Bojan Nastasić, I have lived and worked as a hair stylist in Belgrade for more than 20 years. I have always been interested in scene and avant-garde hairstyles and so most of my work is connected with this. I find my inspiration in eccentric and charismatic women who wear striking hairstyles in a unique way. In recent years I have worked on a great many TV music shows, films, TV series and foreign music videos. I also have my own hair salon where I work with my father Zoran, from whom I learned my craft.





Bojan Nastasić, hair stylist

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 318

tel: 011 / 2421 – 420

mob. +381 64 12 77 466

Why is it so important to women to have hair that is shiny and full of volume?


Hair with volume and shine suggests youth and vitality. Just as with the skin, the hair reveals a person’s health. It’s an expression of individuality, femininity and style, and is a way the woman identifies herself to the world.


What hair care advice do women most often ask for?


The most common hair-care question is how to restore the hair. Hair which has been dyed requires special care. You also need to know the difference between hair treatments and conditioners. Where the hair is very dry and brittle, where the ends have split and the hair is damaged by perming and bleaching, it is best to use a deep treatment to restore the hair. Use of organic dyes is also much healthier for the hair as this helps avoid drying and cracking. Hair that is already damaged and dry can be rejuvenated with an organic toner that does not contain ammonia. These dyes have artificial pigments and three times the intensity, and give the hair a high gloss. After this toner and treatment, the hair will look more natural and less damaged. Conditioner is a quick fix for rejuvenating the hair and is applied every time the hair is washed.


What treatments are damaging to the hair in your opinion? (dyeing, flat ironing, perming etc.)


Perming has always been harmful since it uses an acid, which dries out the hair. Any hair that has been treated with a chemical, such as in dyeing or perming, is already dry and damaged. The worst thing for the hair is perming in combination with bleach streaking – you should avoid that if you can because it’s a sure-fire way to scorch your hair. In short, if you must use a hair iron, have a perm or dye your hair regularly, you need to use hair rejuvenation treatments.


How often do you recommend washing the hair?


The recommendation is to wash hair two or three times a week. It depends on your skin and how quickly it gets greasy or dries out, there is no rule, a lot of it depends on your glands. Vitamin deficiency can play a role, and stress also has a very negative effect on the quality of your hair.


Do you often meet girls or women who are experiencing hair loss, and what advice do you give them?


Hair loss is a growing problem both in women and in men. My usual advice is that they first visit a dermatologist or hair loss specialist such as Dr Gorana Kuka, and that they use a very mild shampoo. It all depends on the extent of the hair loss. It is normal for some 100 hairs to fall out daily, and that is nothing to be concerned about since it is how the hair regenerates and maintains itself – as many hairs grow back as fall out.
How much does hair loss bother men?


Some men, though not all of course, have a major problem with their hair loss. Often it affects their ego and they lose a great deal of self-confidence. However I tell them that they shouldn’t despair and that there are a great many methods and solutions available today. One such method is hair transplantation, which gives very good results and is a very effective solution to hair loss both in men and in women. It is a modern technology that is accessible to everyone.




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