Dr Ivana Filipovic Markovic, owner of Delta Estetica


Doctor’s testimonials


I have suffered from hair loss for years due to a severe stress that I was exposed to. I contacted Dr Gorana Kuka and she evaluated my hair and scalp and she suggested that I do PRP treatment. Since t, my hair looks so much better, my clients are complimenting it so I advise them to go to see Dr Kuka if they suffer from hair loss. She is a a knowledgable doctor and a true professional in her field.









Dr Jeffrey Epstein, plastic surgeon of Miami and New York


Doctor’s testimonials


It is so commendable for Serbia that it has one the world’s top FUE surgeons. Dr Kuka has brought her FUE technique that she developed to my Miami and New York offices, personally training me and my assistants. Today, thanks to Dr. Kuka, these techniques allow us to be one of the United States’ top FUE practices.










Dr Saša Mišeljič, plastic surgeon of Belgrade


Doctor’s testimonials


As a plastic surgeon, every day I see patients suffering from hair loss. I would recommend dr Kuka to everyone who is determined to undergo hair restoration. Her results are absolutely great, the appearance of the hair is natural and patients are more than satisfied. That is why she was my surgeon as well.









Simon, London



I had one previous procedure In London, but the quality of service here with dr Kuka and her team was so much better. I am very pleased with the result of my hair transplant that I referred my brother so he had his procedure here as well!









Dejana, 16. oktobar 2015


My dearest Dr. Gorana,

Thank you so much for transplanting my eyebrows yesterday. I am so happy and you know well how long I was waiting for this to happen. I have zero pain, I am not swollen at all, everything is great. Many regards to Maja and Djurdja, and many thanks to you once again.



W, 23. september 2013 ‘]

Dobar dan doktorko Kuka

Dear Gorana,

I’m very sattisfied with the results, in fact my hair is growing much more (in the last months) respect what I expected.
I will send you some new pictures asap to keep those for your “case history”.
Thank you for your good work !





Alessandro (Italy), 20. jul 2013

Dear Gorana,

now i can say that the new hairs, started growing almost all…
i’m looking forward to see the final result…
When you clinc we’ll some new promotions about hair restoration… let me know… so we can complete
the work..!!!


Alessandro (Italy)



Dragan, 7. januar 2013′]

Good afternoon Dr.Kuka,
I wish you and your team Merry Christmas! Postoperative period is going well . I began washing my hair yesterday as you suggested me. Both areas are good, redness is disappearing, as well as the crusts. Donor area is still a bit sensitive, but less every day. There was no swelling at all!
I really do feel so well and everzthing is going on so smoothly.
Thank you so much for your interest for my postoperative period.
I wish you all the best

Regards, Dragan




J, 24. decembar 2012′]

First, thank you so much for outting so much effort into my hair. Now I don’t regret anymore cause my niece used to call me Zinedine Zidane for months.. My Thankfulness goes also to all good people at the clinic, especially to Marina.
I personally wish you professional success, beautiful moments in your personal life and less working Saturdays….

All the best,





A.B., 7. decembar 2012′]

Dear Dr. Gorana,
First of all, I’d like to thank you for everything you have done. Hair has grown on the recipient area completely, and so far it is hard to notice the difference between this part and the surrounding area.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for everything you have done. Hair has grown on the recipient area completely, and so far it is hard to notice the difference between this part and the surrounding area.





Predrag, 6. novembar 2012′]

First of all,thank you for calling me.The situation has developped as you predicted.There is still some swelling on the donor area.

I continued the therapy with lotion and oxygen.
Best regards to you and your team.





Boris, 5. novembar 2012′]

Dear and respected Dr. Kuka,

I feel good now and I am delited to read your email. I am very glad that you care about me even after the surgery.

Postoperative time was relaxing.Two days after returning to Germany I went to hairdresser to have my hair cut to 3mm. Nobody except him noticed hair restoration.Now it is not necessary to camouflage anymore.

Currently,I still don’t notice a greater difference from the preoperative situation, but it is evident that „new“ hair is here, but it is not growing as fast as existing hair on that area, since „old hair“ is much longer than transplanted hair.
I noticed that restorted hair has started to fall off after 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, but I believe that it is now that is a quiet period as described in the instructions,so I am not worried.
I am completely satisfied and look forward to meeting you. As soon as I am in Serbia I ’ll come to have a control.

Thank you and Marina, your assistent.



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