Special offer

Special offer for hair transplantation


Hair transplantation itself is a very delicate procedure and often lasts for several hours. The time and excellent skills are required to perform the procedure. Our clinic offers elegantly equipped rooms and has latest devices  in the operating rooms. Our staff is always very kind and ready to answer to all your questions.


During your procedure, you have available:


  • Ipad with certain movie collection;
  • Cable TV;
  • Free WI-FI covering the entire hospital;
  • Special meal you can order from our menu:
  • A large number of magazines.


If you want extra comfort during the intervention, we are at your disposal to make this experience even more special.


Car, chauffeur, HOTEL, RESTAURANT


If you are coming to Belgrade for a hair transplant, inform us so we can organize a luxury car transportation from the airport, train or bus station. Our friendly driver will wait for you, help you with your luggage and take you to our clinic or hotel where located. If you need advice or hotel reservations, we can easily arrange it for you. Belgrade abounds with good restaurants and we will be happy to refer you to some where our driver can take you.


Anesthesiologist during the intervention


Hair transplantation is standardly done under local anesthesia, which is enough to not feel pain during the intervention,nor in the hours after. If you still need a little deeper anesthesia, during which will make you  sleep during the intervention, we can organize the presence of Anesthesiologist. This service is charged additionally.




On request, during a break or at the end of the intervention, you can request a massage. In our team, we have a physiotherapist who can relax your neck, shoulders or back. This service is charged additionally.




Patients after hair transplant can go home and stay in the hospital is not necessary. On request, you can spend the night with us. Our clinic has a few comfortable rooms with a TV and Wi-Fi. Also, the nurse will stay with you all night and give you the necessary medication as well as take care of you. This service is charged additionally.




FUE Plus is the addition of PRP (platelet rich plasma) to the procedure. It is used in several phases of the procedure-it is injected on the donor area to accelerate the closing holes after extraction and for better healing, for storage of  the grafts while being outside of the body, and it is also injected into the receiving area immediately before implantation to ensure the optimal medium for the grafts. PRP can be injected into the whole surface of the scalp in order to prevent further hair loss and to regrow existing hair. FUE plus is charged additionally.




Laser therapy is a new way of treating and preventing hair loss. Also, it has very positive effects  after hair transplant in stimulation of hair growth . Within a hair transplant, you are entitled to eight free treatment  that you can start the next day. If you want to complete treatment for a period of 9 months, you will have a 20% discount.




Bioptron lamp is an excellent effect in the postoperative care of patients and is used almost after every cosmetic surgery. Bioptron lamp will accelerate healing, reduce redness and irritation of the scalp, and especially has a favorable impact on the prevention of the swelling. It is recommended to do it immediately after the intervention.




After your procedure, special package needed for hair care in the days following the intervention will be given to you and that includes: neutral shampoo for daily washing, antiseptic spray enriched with oxygen for optimal wound healing, spray for hair growth, medication and gauze. Special minoxidil lotion in increased concentrations of 7% and 15% enriched in zinc and caffeine, is also available.




If you are satisfied with your result, recommend us to your friends, family members or colleagues and get yourself a discount for your next procedure or any other cosmetic treatment. With each recommendation you will receive a 5% discount, so for example with six recommended candidates you receive 30% discount. Your friends will also be satisfied, and in this way you can save money. Start today!

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