Body hair transplantation


In special cases where the donor region is to thin or too much already used in previous procedures, other donor areas may be. Very often it is the beard. The hair of the beard is very similar to the one of the head, it grows slower, but it can be a bit thicker which is very useful because it gives the impression of greater density. Using a hair out of the neck, the existing beard on his face retains its density and stays practically intact. Hair from the chest is very often used because men who have problem with hair loss, have a lot of hairs on their chest. Those grafts can cover significant areas of the scalp. Also, chest hairs grow a little slower and to a certain length, but sometimes provides a good solution. This region is not to be used as a donor in the case that there is a tendency to keloid creation. Hair from other parts of the body such as the tummy, back, legs or arms is rarely used, but these regions are not excluded as potential donor areas. If body hair is used, one should stay away from sun exposure a few weeks after the surgery until healing is completed. On the special request of the patient ,hair from this area can be used, although preference is always the back of the head as a safe area with the highest density and the ability of regeneration.


Hair transplantation to other areas of the body


If there is a lack of hair anywhere on the body, but most often it is the region of the chest , there is a possibility of a successful transplant of  hairs to this region .



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