Beard loss

The lack of mustache and / or beard or dissatisfaction with their appearance and density is very common. The causes are usually genetic in nature which means there is a family tendency for a lack of beards and mustaches. Sometimes certain hormonal imbalance cause thin beard. The most common condition that leads to loss of the beard in patches is called alopecia areata and can affect each region of face or body. Induced by stress, alopecia areata has to be treated so it does not lead to a greater loss of hair. All scars on the hairy part of the face will lead to the disappearance of hair on that part (scars from injuries, surgery, cleft palate, etc.). Certain skin infections also lead to loss of beard or mustache The loss of the beard may also be due to the use of certain drugs or opiates.


It is important to determine the cause of the lack of a beard and mustache, then  decide on the type of treatment needed.



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