Hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery


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Hair transplant surgery procedures are very much a part of cosmetic surgery. Hair loss can be a cause of deep dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance, both in men and in women. Hair has always been a symbol of beauty and youth. Hair transplantation can be undertaken as a standalone procedure, and the experiences of our patients have shown it can improve the lives of many. Two other very important procedures go hand in hand with it – eyebrow transplantation and beard and moustache transplantation, which bring even more happiness to the lives of our patients.


Very often patients opt to combine a hair transplant with some other cosmetic procedure to their face or body. This can be removing excess skin from the eyelids, a facelift procedure or very often rhinoplasty (for a deviated septum or for purely aesthetic reasons), otoplasty (for protruding ears), or injecting fillers or botox to give the face a more youthful appearance. For the body, men opt for liposuction (removal of excess fat deposits), correction of gynecomastia (excess breast tissue) and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedures. Women often undergo breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, lifting).


All of these procedures can be combined with a hair transplant procedure, usually the same day. Most procedures on the body, and major surgery on the face, are conducted under general anaesthetic, while hair transplantation is done under local anaesthetic. These can be combined by first conducting the extraction of grafts from the back of the patient’s head while the patient is lying on his stomach. Then he can turn over onto his back and be put to sleep and any other procedure can be done. After that, implantation of the grafts can be done in that same position. Recovery after hair transplant surgery is minimal and so does not interfere with recovery from any other procedure. Patients are generally very happy to combine hair transplant surgery and other procedures so that they can get everything done at once. They are often satisfied with the results of the transplant and come back a few months later interested in another procedure – now that they have built up trust in their surgeon they feel relaxed in our clinic. Find out all the procedures you can have done along with your hair transplant!


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