For patients coming from abroad

For patients coming from abroad
Welcome to Serbia

“A land of contrasts with cities that rock”
Serbia is a land full of surprising contrasts that offers tourists a truly warm and hospitable welcome catering for everybody. One of the last undiscovered tourist destinations in Europe, Serbia is now on the up, charming visitors with its bustling cities, beautiful countryside and friendly, passionate people. Still unspoiled by mass tourism, Serbia is now an exceptional destination at incredibly good value.






For centuries, Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade, has shaped itself on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers, meandering around its jewel, the Kalemegdan Fortress. It is a city where living with charm and hedonism is a way of life. You will be hooked by the capital’s unique atmosphere. Belgrade boasts some of the greatest nightlife to be found anywhere in Europe which includes a variety of performance arts, night clubs, antiques cafes or houseboats. Furthermore, Belgrade offers a range of restaurants and hotels that compared to most European cities offer great value and will not make a dent in the wallet.


Flying to Belgrade


There are many airlines that offer flights to Belgrade. Serbian national airline JAT has flights to many European cities ( There are also low cost airlines such as Germanwings or Wizzair that offer flights to Belgrade. Belgrade’s airport “Nikola Tesla” is not far from the city and a driver will take you to your hotel or to Hair Center Serbia.


Where to stay


If you are coming for your procedure and leaving day after, Hair Center Serbia can offer you free one night stay at the Center. If you are planning to stay longer in Belgrade and to take advantage of this beautiful city, there is a list of hotels and hostels we can advise you to stay. Let us know when booking your procedure and everything will be set for you.

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