Who messes up with your head or how to choose a physician for your hair transplantation?


The inspiration for this text was born after some local and global googling. Spreading of information, whether good or bad, is now easy thanks to new internet media. And it can be spread by anyone. Unfortunately … In our the type of medicine , media became more like some kind of a ring rather than a way of educating patients in need of our services. Some of the advertisements for hair transplantation contain terms such as “special discount coupons”, “service combo package” and “exclusive offers”. Local searches offered photographs of famous people who were willing to have their pictures taken for the needs of a clinic. The concept is pretty OK and very attractive, when it’s true. Few said that they underwent the transplant, obviously reluctantly, because this is the Balkans and the results were mediocre. Of course, there were those who did not even undergo the transplantation but said they were, showing their equally perfect hair for “before” and “after” photos, providing publicity to some clinic.  Beyond this country’s borders, there are bundle offers to perform hair transplantation in one city and celebrate a New Year’s Eve in another (even in another country). Cheap, of course. Like it is the last New Year’s Eve they will be celebrating. The Asian block is winning though. Its presence in all local forums with made-up Anderson patients’ names who applauded loudly their experiences with hair transplantation is more than obvious, while the banner of the same clinic is flaunted on the same page. The marketing offer is very expedient with “Book right away, this summer, best prices, the highest number of grafts (in most cases impossible and completely unrealistic), plus driver, plus room, plus house loan..”. Interestingly enough, the names of clinics and physicians change with time. In reality, a year or year and a half of business is enough for them to ruin their own reputation with a great number of dissatisfied patients who see no results of the transplantations even after a year has passed. By then, there is enough time to mislead clients from the Western Europe and this region in well-known Del Boy manner.

All of this leaves a sour taste in the mouth for everyone having a problem with hair loss and who would want to get the problem solved. How to decide and who to turn to without a patient feeling deceived?

In order to protect hair transplantation as an admirable medical and surgical procedure that changed lives for so many and made us very happy performing it, I want to help those who are maybe right now going through the pages of electronic and printed media in search of a solution for their problem. Physician’s reputation is built over time,  persistently and patiently. The foundation lays in ethics and commitment to one’s work. It is followed by constant professional improvement coupled with an ongoing wish to do things better. Like in all areas of life improve so does medicine, surgery and hair transplantation. Some time ago, the aim of this procedure was to cover hairless area “in any way” so they used flaps, scalp reductions, grafts, expanders. This all looked very crude and unnatural. After some time, basic aesthetics were taken into account and in the early ‘90s they all started to resemble natural. However, it was still not enough to say that we have reached where we are today. 15 years later, we have two excellent techniques: strip and FUE, each indicated for certain type of hair loss. We have micrografts, considerations are made about layout of a certain type of graft, where grafts are preserved during the intervention, the direction of implantation is a priority, the density that can be achieved with a single procedure is now impressive, all of which lead to the fulfillment of the basic postulate of plastic surgery – natural appearance.

Not everything relies on the procedure but also on how it is performed. It is not the same if it lasts for 9 hours or 5. It is not the same for the team, for the patients, nor for the grafts. It is also important how you spend those hours. This is what makes the difference between  solid and top service.

For each potential patient, the first important thing is defining the problem and knowing what are their expectations from the intervention. The best recommendation was always word of mouth. Look for someone near you who already underwent hair restoration procedure.. This is no longer an issue of taboo nor luxury, men and women of all professions and ages and with different financial standings undergo hair transplantation. Those recommendations are always realistic and sincere. Forums are full of false experiences. If you have heard of some physician, do a research on them, their specialization, where they completed their studies, who their mentor was, what results they achieved, who comprises their team, how long they have been performing a certain procedure. Ethics is not a key element in publishing results on websites, whether here or abroad, and sometimes a picture can say a thousand words. False ones. Good clinics offer meetings with patients who already had the procedure providing you the possibility to confirm real results by yourself.

Find out how much time your physician has spent specializing. I was able to watch, for the first time, hair transplantation performed by a surgeon who did not change her technique for many years which is now considered an outdated manner for hair transplantation. We, as physicians, must be realistic, self-critical and ready to change. That is the only way we can develop and offer the best service. Looking at a great number of patients, I also saw a great number of bad results – ugly wide scars after the strip method, destroyed donor areas from FUE technique, grafts grouped in bushes proudly growing under straight angle, incredible shock losses after aggressive transplantations, grafts distributed in rows. I believe that some complications cannot be foreseen, but they should be remedied when they occur. You should also be there for a patient going through this an unfavorable period.

Go for a consult withto an exam at  the physician you awere thinking about. Hear out their professional and, maybe even more important, human opinion. Make Form an impression of your physician and later on, bulid up the trust. Sleep on it and decide on everything the day after, at the earliest.

And finally we come to the price that determines our reality. And reality can be hard in complicated times. But, should the price determine treatment which does not pose a risk for the head but makes it more beautiful? Maybe we should wait for better times rather than pay the great price for something that seemed cheap.

Do not rush with your decision, be realistic and take care of yourself. Read and learn as much as possible about the procedure and other forms of treatment. Maybe there is a treatment which is a better solution for you. Do not trust every advertisement. There will always be salesmen and there will always be buyers. In this case, as in any other, be careful what you buy. What you buy stays with you.

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