Nutrition – eng

Nutrition as well as lifestyle and factors that surround us affect our overall health but hair too . A balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy life , and often certain nutritional deficiencies could make a change in the density or quality of hair. It is well known that the lack of minerals and vitamins lead to poorer quality of hair as well as hair loss. Of essential importance is the vitamin B ( biotin vitamin B7 ), followed by vitamin C , AI D. These vitamins can be taken with in food or as a supplement . Iron deficiency manifests itself with weak and brittle hair, brittle nails and bad skin. Zinc and calcium are important nutrients for hair. Since hair is built from protein , meat is crucial .


If you assure good intake of all these vitamins, minerals and proteins, along with the good stress control and cease of smoking, the path to a healthy and thick hair is guaranteed.



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