Mesotherapy is effective, medical and traditional method in which certain substances are injected into the middle layer of skin known as the mesoderm. Cocktails for mesotherapy are determined strictly by the indications of the condition that is treated and what effect is desired to be achieved. Most common treatments of mesotherapy are for aesthetic purposes : lipolysis, rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment, but also in the other fields of medicine, such as urology, rheumatology, chronic pain therapy.




In the treatment of hair loss, mesotherapy has found its important place. Doctors have defined a cocktail for mesotherapy, which contains all the useful substances that can help to slow down hair loss.


Mesotherapy coctail for hair loss contains the following ingredients:


  • Minoxidil is medication approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which stimulates hair growth. It is a vasodilator (dilates blood vessels) and increases the blood flow to the follicles. It prolongs the anagen (active) phase of the hair growth and improves hair quality.
  • Azelaic acid stimulates hair growth, and with zinc and vitamin B6 inhibits the action of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, which causes hair loss.
  • Zinc is a potent inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase, thereby reduces the production of DHT. At higher concentrations, zinc could completely block the activity of the enzyme.
  • Panthenol helps to produce energy necessary to supply the hair follicle.
  • Biotin is part of the B complex vitamins that stimulates the growth of hair and nails.


Mesotherapy is performed as physician devines usually once a week. This cocktail is injected directly into the skin of the head at a depth of 1-2 mm. The treatment can be combined with laser treatment, and after hair restoration is done.

In addition to the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women, it is also an effective of treatment alopecia areata.




If you have a problem with hair loss it is best to go for an appointment with a doctor, and then the doctor will assess how many treatments might be necessary and what results you can expect. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about this treatment.



Marijana from Požarevac


I have been coming to Dr Gorana for mesotherapy now for two years. I had problems not only with hair loss but also with the quality of my hair, which was terribly thin and brittle. After an examination, Dr Gorana proposed that we start mesotherapy. After just a month I noticed that my hair was falling out much less, and all my friends quickly noticed that my hair looked much better. Now I just go for a maintenance treatment occasionally, when the doctor is in Belgrade. I am over the moon because my hair has recovered completely!





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