Repair of previous hair transplantation – eng

Surgical techniques varied over the past 30 years and they reached their peak with FUE technique. Certain results of previous methods (wide punch, strip technique) are not considered as desired results when it comes to successful hair restoration. The most common reasons are big grafts that contains 5-6 in hairline ( doll phenomenon ) and unnatural result or wide, visible scar on donor area.


Unnatural hair line can be corrected either with extraction of this big grafts and their redistribution or with adding more micro grafts that will make this appearance less noticeable to give impression that someone underwent hair restoration. In the same way, undesired direction of hairs can be corrected. The scar on donor area after taking out the strip, can also be over corrected with additional implantation of micro grafts. Since Neograft FUE technique doesn’t leave any visible scar, the entire area can be balanced when this wide scar from strip has been corrected.

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