Hair transplantation in transsexual patients – eng

Any sex change requires a large number of surgical and aesthetic procedures. Hair transplantation is just one in a series of these operations. Hair restoration is not less important compared to other surgical procedures.  During sex change from male to female, keeping sideburns will act very unnatural, if I do not choose wigs as an alternative solution. Therefore, a large number of transsexual patients are choosing hair transplant because it is the only way that the hair looks natural, and can grow to the desired length.


Transgender patients that are changing from female to male may desire to have a beard or moustache in order to have more masculine look. Furthermore, transplantation of hairs into the chest is now possible as well.


Hair transplantation is usually one of the last procedures in a series of operations in the life of these patients, but of great importance in order to be satisfied overall with their appearance.

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