Strip technique – eng

Strip technique got its name because a “strip” of skin is excised from the donor area-a piece of skin width of up to 2 cm in length from 15 to 20 cm, from which micro and mini grafts are further dissected. After skin excision, the skin is sutured in layers to minimize visibility of the scar and maximize healing. The quality of the grafts will depend on the skill of the assistants who are dissecting them. It is alsi called the FUT procedure – follicular unit transplantation. The second part of the intervention (implantation of grafts) is based on the same principles of successful and natural hair transplant (natural direction of growth, distribution of different grafts, desired density etc.).


Strip technique began to develop in the eighties and still a large  number of doctors is performing this method. The main reason is that extracting the grafts takes only ten minutes (without dissecting which can take place at the same time as planting), while the FUE method takes up to two hours. It requires larger team of assistants to dissect the grafts in the appropriate time period. However, the reason why we developed the FUE method as a new method of graft extraction is because strip method would leave at times bad scar on the donor area what was obvious proof that someone has undergone hair transplantation. However, the strip method still allows to perform large hair transplant and is a very effective method of hair restoration




Difference between strip and fue method

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