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If you are concidering to undergo hair restoration, you can find most of the information you might on this website. Next step is to contact Hair Center Serbia to book a consult during which you will get answers to all the questions you have, evaluation of your hair, suggestion for treatment and the exact number of hairs required. If you are not able to come to HCS for a consult, there are various options to do the evaluation of your hair. You can send photos by email or book a Skype video consultation. HCS will try to answer all patients’ messages in the shortest possible time.


avenyThere is no ideal time of year undergo hair restoration. It can be done both in summer and winter. It is important to choose the date after which you can afford a couple of days when your hair will look a little different, primarily because of the buzz cut donor area and the crusts on the recipient area which go away after seven days.


If you are professional and recreational athlete, choose time when you can stop training for ten days. Furthermore, direct exposure to strong sunlight is not desirable for two weeks after the intervention. Another option is to wear baseball cap.


Neograft FUE hair transplantation is one of the least invasive methods which is so-called „lunch time“ procedure and requires the fewest changes in the daily routine.


Hair restoration is a procedure that takes several hours depending on number of hairs required. Considering the lifestyle, sometimes patients are not able afford the day in which they will have their procedure. We usually name this day “one very long, but beautiful day in your life”.


The procedure begins in the morning. Patients are advised to wash their hair in the morning and have breakfast, prior the procedure. After another consultation with the doctor, they fill in the consent form. After taking a photo (a photo “before”), a patient goes to his apartment to put on some comfortable clothes in which he will spend the day. Just before the intervention begins, donor area is buzzcut to 1-2 mm, if it hasn’t already been done before. If the patient has a long hair, it is possible to separate an area as a donor area, which can later be covered by hair above it to mask the traces of harvesting the grafts.


The first step of the procedure is harvesting the grafts. The patient lies on his stomach. After anesthesia is given, the donor area becomes numb and harvesting of the grafts begins. Neograft device has punches of various diameter of 0.8-1.0mm and the doctor extracts each graft individually. Grafts are collected and put in a canister with saline. They are taken from the canister and sorted out by assistants so they are ready for the implantation. Transected grafts are immediatelly put away because they can not be used. Transection rate with Neograft device is very low, less than 5 %. Patient is awake for the entire time of the procedure and can talk to team members during the treatment. Depending on how much hair is needed, this may last one or two hours. When the first phase is done, the gauze is put on donor area with which the patient goes home.


After a lunch break, the second part of the procedure is about to begin in which the patient is in sitting position so he can watch TV, work on a laptop or read a book. After the last consultation about the desired look of hair, the recipent area is numbed. Microsurgical blade 0.7-1.0mm diametar recipients sites are made, at the same direction as the existing hair, density and specific plan which is critical for natural appearancel. Then the team implant the grafts. This stage requires great precision and patience and takes a bit longer than the first phase. After completing this phase and after the final check of graft position, recipient area is dried but it is not covered.


The patient is ready to go home.Each patient receives a special package which includes essential medications, shampoo and spray for hair care in the upcoming days.
Physician or any member of the HCS team is always available by phone or e-mail for any questions.


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