After the procedure – eng


The evening of the procedure, it is necessary to take medications that doctor has prescribed. It is advisable to put the cool packs on your forehead to prevent the swelling (if the hairline was restored). While sleeping, lean your head on the donor area elevated on several pillows. If there is any pain, which is rare, it is advisable to take analgetics.


The first postoperative check-up is on the following day. Doctor will remove the bandage and check both areas-donor and recipient. At that point, the healing of the donor area has already begun as well as the formation of crusts on top of recipient area.


Playing sports or strenous physical activity is not allowed for ten days after the procedure, as well as direct sun exposure. Wearing hat or baseball cap is allowed right after the procedure. Hair cut is allowed ten days after the procedure, but hair coloring is permitted for 3 weeks.


Patient starts to gently wash his hair on the third day with a mild shampoo that is given to him. Washing of the hair is ideally done twice a day, until the tenth day after the procedure.


Second postoperative check-up is on the seventh day after the procedure. Doctor checks out the appearance of both areas again. The remaining crusts are rubbed off and the growth of hairs on the recipient areas is already noticeble.


To accelerate healing and speed up hair regrowth, patients are welcome to undergo low level laser light therapy, PRP treatment, mesotherapy, Colic hair therapy right after the treatment or to start using Minoxidil, but not sooner than 3 weeks after the procedure.


The transplanted hairs grow for two weeks after the procedure, and then slow down their growth and fall out. This is a normal, physiological cycle of hair growth (the resting phase of its growth) and can not be changed even with the latest technology. These are hair shafts that are falling out but hair follicles remain in the scalp. It usually takes around 4 months for the new hair to begin to grow, but it can take 8 to 12, even 15 months for the final results. If you need more hairs to be transplanted through couple of procedures, the doctor will define what is the perfect timing to repeat the procedure.


Written postoperative instructions are given to each patient and HCS is always available for questions or consultation.

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