Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is a surgical procedure which permanently solve the problem of la complete oss or thin eyebrows.




Eyebrows are an important aesthetic part of the face giving contour to the eyes and forehead, they are involved in the expression of emotions such as anger and surprise, but they also have other functions, such as to prevent sweat, water and other dirt to get in the eyes.


Hair restoration technique was originally designed to help victims of fire or burns to improve the look of their faces. As the causes of the loss of eyebrows increased, this surgical procedure has found important use in cosmetic surgery.


Eyebrow restoration is a procedure designed to restore eyebrows which are thin, they have a scar or are completely lacking. The lack of eyebrows may be due to genetic, after electrolysis or laser epilation, overplucking, wearing piercings, due to thyroid or other hormonal disorders or trauma after surgery, burns or other reasons. Hercog’s sign is a special case when outer third of eyebrow is missing and is usually a sign hipotireodism or atopic dermatitis.




FUE technique in eyebrow transplantation is the most popular method used to extract follicular units (groups of one, two, three, or more hair) from the donor area (occipital). These follicular units often have to be divided under the microscope to get grafts from only one or two hairs. The graft no greater than 0.5 mm is carefully placed in the direction of the natural growth of eyebrow. Desired look of the eyebrows is carefully planned before the intervention. For one eyebrow between 50 and 250 hairs are needed depending on the desired density and thickness which the patient wants to achieve. Transplanted eyebrows grow permanently faster than existing ones, and should be cut regularly, usually once a month. Over time, they tend to grow slower. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, it takes about three hours and is completely painless. After the intervention, the area of the eyebrow has crusts and slight swelling, which can fall down onto the eyelids, but it goes away after five days. Transplanted eyebrows grow immediately after the procedure, and then fall out after two weeks. The final growth eyebrow begins the third month after the intervention.