Dr. Gorana Kuka at New York University


Dr Gorana Kuka was invited by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, who is head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, NYU (New York University) to be a guest of this prestigious university and to give a lecture to residents of plastic surgery program.

Residency program in plastic surgery in the United States is one of the most desired ones along with dermatology and ENT, and New York University has one of the top three programs in the United States. Residents of this university must be the best students to succeed to enroll in this prestigious program. It lasts for five years and mentors are very committed to their students, and they have a very organized and serious program during their residency. Young doctors during these 5 years are put in touch with a large number of surgeons to learn the different surgical approaches from different doctors. Specialization is very demanding, and residents are highly respected as equal members of the hospital, and are very engaged in its work from the beginning of specialization. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez is the head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and he is fully is dedicated to his students, and he was the head of the team that carried out the first face transplant in the world, in which team our doctor Branko Bojovic also participated. At his invitation, Dr. Gorana Kuka was a guest at the faculty and was a lecturer in an educational program called Grand Rounds. The idea of ​​this program is to invite speakers outside NYU who will bring their expertise and knowledge gained in other institutions in the field of plastic surgery. Therefore it was a great honor to have Dr. Gorana Kuka, as a plastic surgeon from Serbia be invited as one of the speakers. With her lecture titled “Becoming a plastic surgeon,  becoming a hair transplant surgeon”, residents were presented with how plastic surgeons in Serbia are educated and trained, and she tried help them how to choose their further area of interest.


By presenting the FUE technique, as an option for young surgeons at the very beginning of their career, residents were able to see the experience of Dr. Kuka, as a very young physician in the field of plastic surgery within Colic Hospital where she built entirely new department for hair transplantation. The lecture was also attended by other members of the department and it has been very well attended. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez is an inspirational person who, as head of the residency program, is extremely dedicated to his students-residents, and tries in every way to enrich their learning. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and to be part of the Grand Rounds at New York University.

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Dr. Gorana Kuka in front of Bellevue Hospital that belongs to NYU



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