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Dr. Gorana Kuka can be contacted via e-mail [email protected] and this is the best way for you to obtain almost a complete evaluation of your hair loss and get answers to all of your questions. Also, it is possible to schedule a Skype consultation. A complete evaluation is done during an actual consultation at the clinic. Dr. Kuka coordinates timing of consultations, treatments and procedures with her own schedule since she works at three different locations and your plans.


Dr. Gorana Kuka does consultations and procedures of plastic and cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation in Belgrade within the Hospital Colic. Hospital Colic was founded in 1989 by two surgeons Milan and Miodrag Colić and it is specialized for procedures of plastic and aesthetic surgery with more than 15,000 surgical patients so far. Beautiful hospital building is located in a quiet part of Belgrade, with supervised, private parking. It has two fully equipped operating rooms, several comfortable apartments for accommodation of  the patients, as well as several offices to examine patients. In this hospital, there are two specialized operating rooms for hair transplantation, as well as a separate office for treatments of hair loss. Specialized dermoscope for diagnosing hair loss is located in one of the offices. The hospital has a full time employed anesthesiologist who can provide sedation during the intervention. After hair transplantation, it is possible to spend the night at the clinic with medical staff provided during the stay. Our staff will make sure you feel confortable and will take a great care of you prior, during and after surgery.





Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein je veoma aktivna na instragramu i dnevno objavljuje postove sa zanimljivim i edukativnim sadržajem. Možete je zapratiti klikom na @dr.gorana kako bi bili u toku sa svim novim informacijama.