Chicago – ISHRS congress, dr Gorana Kuka


“If there is one single important event in the educational sense for us doctors who are doing hair loss treatments and performing hair transplantation, it is the Annual congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). This society brings together doctors from around the world who are engaged in this field of medicine, providing opportunities for education, setting out regulatory norms, determining current trends in the treatment of alopecia. It is a very interesting and colorful society because it gathers doctors of different specialties that perform hair transplant procedures. Most of them are plastic surgeons and dermatologists, followed by general practitioners, gynecologists, internists, ENTs, and there is even one urologist. It is interesting how we all entered this world of hair follicles some by choice, some by circumstances. Once a year, ISHRS has its Annual Congress and to me this is the fourth one I’ve attended. It has never been more participants from around the world, and congress took place in Chicago. Workshops on various topics were held every day, and in the meantime there were lectures in another room. The main topics this year were certainly FUE technique and comparison FUE technique with FUT technique, then side effects of finasteride in treating hair loss, and the increasingly important role received PRP therapy and stem cells as latest, possible therapies.

This year I had great honor to be part of Newcomers session. This session, that opened the Congress was designed so new members get acquainted with the old members to hear their experiences. My role was to present my own experience from the moment I observed my first hair transplant in life, until today when I addressed them as someone with experience, someone who was able in a relatively short time to accomplish a lot in Serbia, as well as in The United States. It was wonderful to talk about this special experience of learning, working, team building, relationships with the patient, to talk what I’ve learned from my patients, scientific work, and then on the development of an international career as an instructor for hair transplantation and hair loss researcher. After this lecture, I joined the audience. I think this was my favorite lecture that I have ever given.

Also, I presented a new technique of scar correction using adipose tissue and grafts, on which we are working intensively, which now provides exceptional results.

I learned a lot, I am very happy with the quality of work that we can offer to our patients, I saw my dear friends who are members of the ISHRS, and I had a little time to get to know Chicago, a beautiful city that I was impressed with its uniqueness.


Until the next Congress in Panama in 2016, we are eagerly working …




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