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“If there is one single important event in the educational sense for us doctors who are doing hair loss treatments and performing hair transplantation, it is the Annual congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). This society brings together doctors from around the world who are engaged in this field of medicine, providing opportunities for education, setting out regulatory norms, determining current trends in the treatment of alopecia. It is a very interesting and colorful society because it gathers doctors of different specialties that perform hair transplant procedures. Most of them are plastic surgeons and dermatologists, followed by general practitioners, gynecologists, internists, ENTs, and there is even one urologist. It is interesting how we all entered this world of hair follicles some by choice, some by circumstances. Once a year, ISHRS has its Annual Congress and to me this is the fourth one I’ve attended. It has never been more participants from around the world, and congress took place in Chicago. Workshops on various topics were held every day, and in the meantime there were lectures in another room. The main topics this year were certainly FUE technique and comparison FUE technique with FUT technique, then side effects of finasteride in treating hair loss, and the increasingly important role received PRP therapy and stem cells as latest, possible therapies.

This year I had great honor to be part of Newcomers session. This session, that opened the Congress was designed so new members get acquainted with the old members to hear their experiences. My role was to present my own experience from the moment I observed my first hair transplant in life, until today when I addressed them as someone with experience, someone who was able in a relatively short time to accomplish a lot in Serbia, as well as in The United States. It was wonderful to talk about this special experience of learning, working, team building, relationships with the patient, to talk what I’ve learned from my patients, scientific work, and then on the development of an international career as an instructor for hair transplantation and hair loss researcher. After this lecture, I joined the audience. I think this was my favorite lecture that I have ever given.

Also, I presented a new technique of scar correction using adipose tissue and grafts, on which we are working intensively, which now provides exceptional results.

I learned a lot, I am very happy with the quality of work that we can offer to our patients, I saw my dear friends who are members of the ISHRS, and I had a little time to get to know Chicago, a beautiful city that I was impressed with its uniqueness.


Until the next Congress in Panama in 2016, we are eagerly working …




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In late September 2015, Dr. Gorana Kuka has participated in the Annual congress of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). This prestigious congress is taking place every year and brings together the best doctors of America and the world who are engaged in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. This year it took place in Dallas and it gathered around 500 participants.

Dr. Gorana Kuka was part of the workshop dedicated to hair transplantation and treatment of hair loss along with Dr. Epstein and Dr. Bittner. Our doctor lectured on what she knows best – the FUE technique, as well as the treatment for hair loss in women, which is becoming an increasing part of her practice. Lecture on FUE technique had a lot of attention and it was well attended because an increasing number of doctors are interested to deal with hair transplantation. Dr. Gorana Kuka took advantage of being in Dallas to visit a clinic of Dr. Samuel Lam where she met with a her friend from Belgrade Dr. Emina Vance who is a hair transplant coordinator at Dr. Lam’s office, with whom she traditionally exchanged knowledge about the latest trends in the treatment of hair loss.



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International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) organizes its congress every year and in the field of hair transplantation, it is certainly the most important meeting that takes place every year. It includes five days of workshops and lectures and gathers doctors around the world. This year the most interesting topics were: FUE hair restoration, the side effects of finasteride, the use of stem cells in the treatment of hair loss, a prevention of hair loss, as well as scarring alopecia.


The only member from Serbia, Dr. Gorana Kuka took part in the section called Newcomers session. She was invited to present her way from the beginning of doing hair transplantation a few years ago to date so new doctors would get some ideas from her own experience. The lecture was attended by more experienced physicians who were the hosts of the new doctors. Furthermore, Dr. Gorana Kuka presented poster with her personal technique of scar correction using adipose tissue and grafts, a unique approach in the world. The next congress will be held in Panama.


With Dr. Jennifer Martinick who invited Dr. Gorana Kuka as a special guest at Newcomers session



Dr. Gorana Kuka presented her personal technique in scar repair


With a friend- Dr. Marcio Crisostomo from Brasil and famous Dr. Epstein

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Dr Gorana Kuka was invited by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, who is head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, NYU (New York University) to be a guest of this prestigious university and to give a lecture to residents of plastic surgery program.

Residency program in plastic surgery in the United States is one of the most desired ones along with dermatology and ENT, and New York University has one of the top three programs in the United States. Residents of this university must be the best students to succeed to enroll in this prestigious program. It lasts for five years and mentors are very committed to their students, and they have a very organized and serious program during their residency. Young doctors during these 5 years are put in touch with a large number of surgeons to learn the different surgical approaches from different doctors. Specialization is very demanding, and residents are highly respected as equal members of the hospital, and are very engaged in its work from the beginning of specialization. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez is the head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and he is fully is dedicated to his students, and he was the head of the team that carried out the first face transplant in the world, in which team our doctor Branko Bojovic also participated. At his invitation, Dr. Gorana Kuka was a guest at the faculty and was a lecturer in an educational program called Grand Rounds. The idea of ​​this program is to invite speakers outside NYU who will bring their expertise and knowledge gained in other institutions in the field of plastic surgery. Therefore it was a great honor to have Dr. Gorana Kuka, as a plastic surgeon from Serbia be invited as one of the speakers. With her lecture titled “Becoming a plastic surgeon,  becoming a hair transplant surgeon”, residents were presented with how plastic surgeons in Serbia are educated and trained, and she tried help them how to choose their further area of interest.


By presenting the FUE technique, as an option for young surgeons at the very beginning of their career, residents were able to see the experience of Dr. Kuka, as a very young physician in the field of plastic surgery within Colic Hospital where she built entirely new department for hair transplantation. The lecture was also attended by other members of the department and it has been very well attended. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez is an inspirational person who, as head of the residency program, is extremely dedicated to his students-residents, and tries in every way to enrich their learning. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and to be part of the Grand Rounds at New York University.

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Dr. Gorana Kuka in front of Bellevue Hospital that belongs to NYU



Most often the only association for Serbia is our champion

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You can find plenty information on this subject by visiting – a website which was made around 7 years ago with a vison to gather all physicians dealing with the most modern technique of hair transplantation at the moment. At the beginning, the network had only 20 members, and today much more as interest for this technique grows. Gorana Kuka, MD and Sasa Miseljic, MD are the only members of this network from Serbia. Discussions are very active, subjects are up-to-date and you can find plenty of information exchanged by physicians performing this technique. This is definitely the most popular, international network of its kind that can be found on the Internet. One of the first members was Alain Corre, an engineer who worked on automatization of FUE technique and patented several devices which are today successfully used in FUE hair transplantation.

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Gorana Kuka, MD together with surgeons Jeffrey Epstein, MD and Anthony Bared, MD published paper in the prestigious expert magazine Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America on the subject of hair transplantation in various ethnic groups. As hair transplantation differs depending on ethnicity, those differences were published in this expert article. Why it is difficult to perform FUE extraction in black people? Why it is particularly easy in Asian people? Is the implantation the same in different ethnic groups? Who heals fastest?

Due to the universal subject, this article became very interesting in North America where all ethnic groups are present.

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Gorana Kuka, MD physician from Belgrade, gave an interview for prestigious American medical journal publishing news in the field of otolaryngology and face surgery. ENT Today is a monthly newsmagazine publishing news and research and clinical results from this field of medicine. Gorana Kuka, MD together with Lisa Ischii, MD, a plastic surgery professor from renowned hospital John Hopkins, expressed her opinion on the subject of modern hair transplantation as well as on the subject of most contemporary treatment method for treating hair loss.


The article can be found here:


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Gorana Kuka, MD participated in two congresses during May and June 2014. International Congress of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery where Gorana Kuka, MD is the only member from Serbia took place late in May. During the congress, she gave a lecture on the subject of FUE hair transplant and was one of the physicians moderating a workshop on the subject of modern techniques for hair transplantations. In the framework of the workshop, she presented the role of regenerative cells (plasma, growth factors, stem cells and fat tissue) in treatment and prevention of hair loos.

Then, at the beginning of June, an international three-day workshop dedicated exclusively to FUE hair transplant was held in Brussels. During the afternoons, after early lectures,  Jean Devroye, MD hosted at his clinic “live surgeries” lead by some of the best physicians in this field such as James Harris, MD, Ron Shapiro, MD and many others. Participants came from around the world and it was a real pleasure being close to the best physicians in the field of hair loss treatment and FUE hair transplant that is becoming the most requested technique worldwide. The exchange of knowledge and experiences is very useful for the development of our Center in the future.

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Plazma bogata trombocitima (PRP terapija) našla je uveliko svoju primenu u različitim granama medicine, a sve više se primenjuje u estetskoj medicini.
Jedna od važnih primena ove vrste terapije je I u borbi protiv opadanja kose.
Opadanje kose postaje sve češći problem muškaraca I žena, mladih I starih, onih sa I bez genetske predispozicije. Više nema tako jasnog pravila koga će ono pogoditi, a njegovu prognozu je vrlo nezahvalno dati.


Uveliko se u Hair Center Serbia javljaju jako mladi muškarci I žene koji se susreću sa uznapredovalom alopecijom. Kod žena je možda ovaj problem malo složeniji jer zahvata veliku površinu skalpa, pa je gotovo nemoguće razmišljati o transplantaciji kose kao rešenju, već se mora krenuti sa nekim drugim terapijama.


PRP terapija se zasniva na činjenici da se veliki broj stimulativnih faktora rasta nalazi u nasem organizmu – u krvi. Odredjenim procesima njihov broj se umnoži nekoliko desetina puta. Dobijena plazma obogaćena trombocitima I faktorima rasta se potom ubrizgava u derm kože glave. Stimulacija se vrši dvostruko- ubrizgavanjem direktno u derm ili prelaskom jednim mikroigličnim rolerom preko kože glave. Time dolazi I do nastanka novih krvnih sudova koji dopremaju više hranljivih elemenata prema folikulu dlake.
Vladana Kojadinović, 33 godine iz Beograda
vladana“Pre oko šest meseci sam uradila tretman u Hair Centru Serbia. Imala sam jako slabu kosu, koja se jako promenila nakon dva porodjaja koja sam imala. Dlaka je bila krta, lomljiva, a kosa toliko retka da sam znala sve moguće metode kamuflaže. Onda sam čula za PRP metodu I uradila sam tri tretmana kako je dr Gorana savetovala. Vec posle prvog tretmana, videla sam promenu. Kosa se manje mastila, dlaka je postala jaka I sjajna. Onda je počela I nova dlaka da se javlja, tako da se moja gustina poboljšala sigurno duplo. Sad imam ono sto sam oduvek htela-normalnu kosu I ne moram više da se sakrivam.”-kaze Vladana Kojadinović iz Beograda, jedna od upornih pacijentkinja u borbi protiv opadanja kose.
Intervencija se obavlja u operacionoj sali u kratkoj intravenskoj sedaciji zbog komfornosti samog pacijenta. Prvo se uzme uzorak krvi pacijenta, koji se uputi na pripremu. Koža glave se prvo predje mikro dermarollerom, dok se plazma priprema. Potom se učini ubrizgavanje plazme po svim regijama gde je kosa tanka ili nedostaje. Sam proces traje oko pola sata I istog dana pacijent odlazi kuci.
Kosa može da se pere vec idućeg jutra I nema nikakvog odstupanja od svakodnevnih obaveza.




PRP metoda je savremen metod koji koristi sopstvene potencijale organizma u borbi protiv opadanja kose što je negde osnova regenerativne medicine u koju duboko verujemo.


Hair Center Serbia

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Colic Hospital participated this year in BAPRAS (Balkan Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) Congress held in Budva. Prof. Miodrag Colic, MD was Congress president and participants came from over 40 countries.

Gorana Kuka, MD represented the hospital and Hair Center Serbia by two lectures.
One was within general session on hair transplantation, while the other was lecture on the subject of eyebrow transplantation as a part of the session on maxillofacial surgery.

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