Training for doctors


The FoundHair Training program is a unique opportunity to learn the technique of hair transplantation and other transplantation techniques from leading experts together with a small group of learners. Training programmes are held twice a year in Miami and last three days. The course is very intensive and gives those attending the opportunity to observe 4 or 5 different procedures each day, during which they can also take part, hands-on. In the afternoons, after surgeries are finished, lectures and discussions are held on various topics relating to hair loss, hair loss treatment, transplantation of hair, eyebrows, moustache, beard – and other topics. The course is for a small group of doctors, a maximum of eight, to ensure that each student has sufficient opportunity to learn, and that we can devote the proper attention to each doctor. To date the course has been attended by doctors from the US, Canada, Brazil, England, Ireland, Pakistan, Australia and other countries. When the training is over an official certificate of participation is issued, and in our experience the doctors who have taken part in the training so far have been successful in establishing their own hair transplant clinics and have significantly improved their own surgical technique. As part of the course there is also a separate programme for nurses, where they are trained for their role during the transplant procedure – preparing the patient, shaving, anesthesia, preparing instruments, assisting the surgeon, sorting the grafts, implanting the grafts, post-operative patient care and many other topics. Of particular importance is the business aspect of the training, where we focus on the various non-medical aspects of the practice – marketing, management of staff and patients, organising day-to-day operation, equipping the clinic, etc.


The training programme is run by Dr Gorana Kuka, founder of the programme itself, and Dr Jeffrey Epstein, one of the world’s best-known experts in hair transplantation. For more information , visit our website at







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