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Dr Gorana Kuka, as part of her work, has established a foundation in order to use her knowledge to help those who need it. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide certain procedures or therapies free of charge. To date we have had a number of patients who have received treatment through our foundation, and we hope to help an even greater number of people.


Reconstructive procedures


The Foundation aims to provide reconstructive procedures completely free of charge, most often to children, teenagers, students, and adults too, who have lost head or facial hair as a result of some trauma, be it physical, chemical, burns, surgical or congenital. All of these types of trauma can cause scarring, which leaves a permanent reminder of the injury, and is sometimes very visible and can have psychological effects too. If such trauma has caused hair, beard, eyebrow or eyelash loss, the Foundation can provide reconstruction for these regions – if possible, of course. Hair transplantation is the simplest way of correcting hair loss and covering scarring.


Treating alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder, still somewhat poorly understood by science, which causes sudden and unpredictable hair loss. It usually begins as a round patch, and can spread to the entire hair (alopecia totalis) or cause complete loss of body hair (alopecia universalis). There is still no single therapy, and the results of treatment are largely unpredictable. The most commonly applied therapies, which are relatively successful, are very expensive and must be repeated, and so many patients suffering from this type of hair loss cannot afford it. The Foundation provides free diagnosis and therapy for patients suffering from alopecia areata, so that we can attempt to restore the lost hair.


If you want to be placed on our list of patients needing any of the procedures that the Foundation can provide, please contact us at [email protected].


You can read about the experience of one patient whose treatment was provided for via our Foundation: .

Treating alopecia totalis – read the story from the points of view of both the patient and the doctor


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